The testimonials on this page are submitted in "case study", narrative fashion. Feel free to click to the appropriate web site and contact the appropriate party for confirmation.. We don't mind. In fact, we encourgae it...!!! :0)

Olsen Brothers Tree Surgery came to PLS late in 2009 through a recommendation of Richard Budde Insurance of Amityville. It seems that their hosting service provider (a well known major player in both the hosting, web site development, and other marketing areas) was not only being unresponsive, but getting ready to raise their rates as well.

Ed Olsen decided he had had enough of the run around. PLS gave him a very favorable and competative quote for web hosting services, and effected a transfer of site and content in an expiditious manner. In the interim, Ken Olsen asked for some content changes to be made. These changes were taken in stride and appeared on the new site..

More recently, Ken had a "technical question" which we addressed right away. Ken's response:

That was an awesome job clarifying everything! Thank you and I hope all is well.

Blizzard Fence was a client PLS "inherited" way back in 2005. We upgraded the site over the years to what The poor guy "spinning" arround in the blizzard was a PLS idea. Interestingly enough, because of the situation with our economy (late 2009), Blizzard looked to improve their market share and decided to go with another company (yes, from time to time, some do leave PLS - sometimes "at our request") that it felt would help them achieve that goal.. And, yes, you guessed it. They picked the very same firm that we spoke of above.

This company caused Blizzard to lose the domain name they had at the time while they were "twidling their thumbs". Upon realizing what had happened, Lori Prisco contacted PLS explaining the situation. After some brief research, PLS made some recommendations, secured the current domain name for Blizzard, set up the new hosting and the new site.

All this happened just at the time our area had been hit with violent wind storms and fences were being knocked down all over the place. Blizzard could not afford to have been "off the air". PLS helped to put Blizzard "back in busines".. Lori's reaction:

Dear Sal,
Thank you for resolving this so expediently and graciously.

One we didn't get yet...!!! In early spring 2010, PLS was asked to "bid" on a very exciting project. This project involved an interactive web site, a data base, a content management system (CMS) and more importantly a very keen understanding of what the client needed and wanted. There were many potential "twist and turns" to the outcome of this project.

With projects of this size and complexity, it's always good to have a "road map". The answer to this problem was to prepare a written document, outlining our understanding of what the client required, as well as suggesting some possible key solutions.

PLS prepared a 10 page detailed document outlining the above, and then used that document as the basis of conducting a presentation. The presentation went very well. While we are still anticipating funding for this project, here's what Trisha had to say:

WOW! We are so pleased with this! You did a great job, and we are so glad that you were able to understand our ideas. We are ready to get this moving. We are trying to finalize some things right now, i think meeting on Thursday evening would be great!
Thanks again,

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