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PLS Web Services was originally established (as PLS Consulting Services) in October 1985 by its principal Owner, Sal Puglia, as a contract programming enterprise for large corporate customers typically in New York City. This came about after many years of working for others in the corporate world as a programmer anaylist. During those early formative years,programing skills were honed, data base skills were acquired and refined.

Since February of 1990, PLS has been focusing on the needs of the small businesses in the local Long Island community. The skills learned in the early years served as a basis for the new skill set needed in today's fast paced web environment.

PLS feels comfortable in projecting an image that is at the same time professional yet personal. Most people, in business or otherwise, want to know that you know what you are doing and want you to hold their hand through the process. They want to be comfortable. PLS wants to project the ability to make them "live in that comfort level" where computers and web sites are concerned.

The only real "product" sold at PLS is expertise. We specialize in developing web sites from the ground up. If you already have a web site but are not happy with your current provider (see the tale from Olsen Brothers Tree), we can help you "re-tool" in a cost effective manner. PLS believes that client satisfaction is paramount. We go to great lengths to see that this is accomplished.

While we will use whatever software our client requires (or at least think they do), we typically use what is known as free, open source software. We use "PHP" to do our programing. PHP is one of the most widely used, and most widely supported web programming/scripting languages on the internet. Hand in hand with our use of PHP, is our use of one of the most widely used free, open source data base software, MySQL. Since they are free, you get their functionality, but incur no cost. Of course, you do have to pay for the work we do, but not everything life is free...!!! ;0)

PLS Web Services has been an active member of the Copiague Chamber of Commerce as well as the Amityville Chamber of Commerce, and the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce. Sal Puglia has been a proud, active and long time member of Kiwanis, initially with the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst, but more recently, with the Kiwanis Club of Copiague.

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